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May 9th, 2007:

Enterprise 2.0 and Corporate Culture

Dion Hinchcliffe of ZDNet posted a very compelling read called Enterprise 2.0 as a corporate culture catalyst. It touches on all of the emerging technologies that are being adopted (to the chagrin or championing of CIOs) and also provided a great image visualizing all of the social elements of the Enterprise 2.0 movement. (See below)

Benefit of Enterprise 2.0

A key point in Dion’s post is that these enterprise 2.0 tools are currently being set-up and utilized whether organizations want them to or not. Often, they are being endorsed by innovative leaders in the largest of organizations. In other cases, they are taking place via grassroots movements (aka corporate renegades with corporate credit cards).

It does really shed light on a couple of key concepts. First, the centralized roll-out of tools and technology isn’t the only way people get tools that help them get their jobs done. Organizations are going to have to decide what their strategies will be to deal with this, enable 2.0 capabilities by providing them to the workforce or try to stop them. I’m not sure the latter is possible. Second, users will use the tools that are the easiest to use and assist them the most with their individual and collective productivity. And ultimately, that should be what organizations find important because that is where the corporate ROI will be.

Reverse mentoring is truly upon us…