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June 14th, 2007:

Rumor: Apple Coming Out With Phone!

Apple iPhoneYes, you heard it here. Apple is taking their next step in the mobile arena and they are calling it the Apple iPhone. Seriously the amount of coverage on this device is amazing. My colleague, Glenn Fannick, has a good post covering the coverage. There really isn’t a whole lot new I can say on the topic and the mobile space isn’t something I write about. I will leave that to the mobile and device bloggers.

Nonetheless, I think the iPhone is going to be a tremendous success and deserves all the hype. If there is ever something that is entering the market that looks like a game-changer, this looks like it could be it.

Do I want one? Absolutely. Will I get one right now? Absolutely not. This is a product that I plan on waiting to see the early reactions from the first 21 million people who are going to run out and buy it. The biggest question in my mind (and this is not a secret or new) is how it is to interact with the phone without a keyboard. I currently use the Treo 650 and I use the keyboard all the time for email. I’m not sure a screen-based solution will be an adequate substitute, but if any company is going to figure it out it is going to Apple.

Here are some links to some posts that I’ve read recently on the iPhone: