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“Enhanced Speed Reading”

Today, I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine, Greg Merkle, VP of Product Design & Creative at Dow Jones. Since joining Dow Jones, in addition to Greg and I collaborating on bringing the corporate research products to market at Factiva, we also have constant dialogues about technology trends and what we both see in the market. Today’s topic of discussion was about text analysis tools and how they help the researcher.

During the course of the conversation, Greg stated he refers to the use of these tools as “enhanced speed reading”. The types of tools we were discussing are text analytics tools such as Concept Q Pro, Concorder Pro and DEVONagent. These tools allow you to crawl, search and analyze a set of documents returned from a crawl. Each have their pros and cons and I recommend you try them out.


But the fundamental element is the capability you gain by using those tools. Without reading, you can get the essence or “speed read” an very large set of content with several different lenses, really limited by the number of key terms you want to key your analysis on. And many of these tools provide you a dynamic look at clusters and context in addition to keywords in context.Anyway, Greg refers to this as “enhanced speed reading”. I’ll let him define it and he promised to have a related post up soon.