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September, 2007:

Getting some Enterprise 2.0 Adoption…

I just got my hands on Forrester’s Web 2.0 Social Computing Dresses Up For Business report, sure there will be some good nuggest of information in there. If the rate of mentions of Enterprise 2.0 are positively correlated with the number of times it is coming up for me in conversations, particularly with customers, then I think we can be certain we’ve entered the traction-gaining portion of our program with 2.0 technologies in the Enterprise. Bill Ives mentions the report and discusses the report as well.

While Bill discussed Enterprise 2.0 and how CIO’s need to view and deal with movement, I tend to be a believer that the biggest reason for the push and demand for these technologies is the digital native. ExtremeNano has an article entitled ‘Digital Natives’ Will Drive Web 2.0 into Your Business, that echoes the digital native is driving the movement. Good article that claims four years will be the “cliff” for Enterprise 2.0 where we really see it take hold, I’m betting ‘under’ on it.

For those of you who want a quick primer on Enterprise 2.0, I’m still touting Scott Gavin’s depiction of it which I discuss in recent post (with the video!).

Drivers for Corporate Innovation

What drives company innovation? Innovation is one of those words that ever company aspires to have as a company pillar. Well, maybe not every company. You don’t hear any CEOs saying publicly “our goal is to maintain status quo, derive all possible shareholder value from prior investments and keep this gravy train going until we are disrupted by someone else’s technology”…again, at least not publicly.

For the most part, most companies claim to be innovative, want to be looked at as innovative in their respective space and want it to be an implicit or explicit part of their value proposition. Larry Yu covers some factors in his article, Measuring the Culture of Innovation, in the MIT Sloan Managemet Review.

The quick point is that company culture above all else is the major driver for innovation. I buy this. Makes complete sense when you look at a company like Google, 3M, Apple and Genentech. The article points more specifically:

“researchers found that a future market orientation, a willingness to cannibalize and a tolerance for risk are three cultural elements that have a particularly strong relationship with radical innovation”

Very interesting points since the traditional view is innovation can be judged by a company’s rate of product release, technology enhancements and patent filings. Those are often results, apparently not the drivers.

How do you know you are 2.0’d?

I’m not even sure I know what it means to be 2.0’d but I believe that I am. (And at a minimum, if you clicked through because of the title, then it did the trick.) Anyway, here is how I know I am 2.0’d:

Yesterday evening I received an email from a former business school classmates where he accidentally ‘replied to all’ to the entire class with recent pictures of his newborn daughter. This has now turned into a double-digit reply-to-all thread with wedding announcements, children announcements, work announcements and engagement announcements. One member of the thread even went so far as to classify it as a “news cast”!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the connections and love hearing about the news going on with the people I spent two years of my life with. It is great stuff. But there is one single thread going on in my head while reading each new message thread:

“Hey, isn’t this what Facebook is for?”

That is how I know I’ve been 2.0’d. Ever catch yourself thinking something similar to this? Well, perhaps you’ve been 2.0’d too.

Now this is Enterprise 2.0…

Was reading Jeremiah Owyang’s blog this evening and he has a great promotion of a slideshow written by Scott Gavin in his explanation of What is Enterprise 2.0. Really provides a perspective on the power of social software and a real life depiction on how often seemingly hyped concept of Enterprise 2.0 can actually be realized AND REALIZED TODAY. And if you don’t buy the social software angle yet (i.e. still mentally tied to Microsoft), at a minimum you should see the power and value of RSS. Here’s the slideshow:

BTW, I wasn’t aware of Scott’s blog, Enterprise 2.0 Evangelist, but I just subscribed to his RSS feed so I’ll be following it from this point. There’s that RSS thing again…

Blog of the Month #2

One of my former colleagues at, Prescott Shibles, made a blog recommendation yesterday. In this case, it is the video blog site by Gary Vaynerchuk called wine library tv. It seems Gary has already received and is a known entity in wine circles already. I will admit, this is a new discovery for me. But I only have to take 15 minutes out to watch his latest episode to know this has to be named Blog of the Month bringing value to the web and a certain user segment in a very unique way.

This vlog will surely be one of my first subscriptions when I get my new video iPod which I just discussed in an earlier post. Anyway, take a second (or 15 minutes) to check out Gary and his wine coverage, great stuff.

Thanks again to Prescott (and his dad) for bringing this site to my attention.