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October, 2007:

Another Thought-Provoker from Michael Wesch

Back in April, I discussed a provocative video from Michael Wesch explaining web 2.0 that seemed to get coverage everywhere across the web and even more so after the Web 2.0 conference. Wesch has come out with another one demonstrating the importance of data, how we can utilize it and really simply starts us thinking about the number of ways the web facilitates a true digital evolution (notice I did not use “revolution”, I’m beginning to believe that word does not exist with regard to the rate of change we are witnessing each year on the web). Thanks Michael for another great piece, Information R/evolution!

If you are really interested in the topics of data, ontology, categorization and classification, I highly recommend reading some of Clay Shirky’s work. I am not endorsing it, I’m not not endorsing it. I am simply saying it is good stuff.

Back from Europe and Re-Digitized

I am back to the states after three weeks in Europe (one business, two pleasure). And yes, I while I realize a change in continent has no impact on staying plugged in. And my colleague, Daniela, took each opportunity via email, twitter and others to remind me of that fact. But suffice it to say, I wanted to get unplugged and actually didn’t think I could do it.

Aside from the first 72 hours of the no-internet shakes, it was actually fantastic. Experiencing some new places, enjoying some great meals filled the void and spending some true quality time with family. Did I miss reading blogs, writing, researching, Facebooking, Shelfaring, TechCrunchin and checking-out-the-new-start-up-ing, of course I did. But life certainly does and will gone on outside of the Echo Chamber and it takes those unplugged moments to remain focused on the fact that there is more to life as well. Tough to do when you get so immersed in the digitial world: what did I miss, how does that company fit into that digital landscape, that is interesting and how can I apply it to my world.

Anyway, on my trip, I read a fantastic book by Michael Crichton. Well worth the read and a fictional work that I found quite thought provoking (and frightening).

Alas, I am plugged back in and digging through email. I’ve also come to full realization that it is futile to try to catch up with the “digital river”, trying to reading everything that has happened since your last unplugging. The river is simply moving too fast and best to jump back in and ride the current. And very much looking forward to the Defrag conference next week.