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July, 2008:

iPhone Improves Driving Experience

Got the iPhone last week, had to do it.  Nice, shiny device….good.  Stunningly clean interface….good.  Embedded iPod….good.  Enterprise Exchange with ‘push’ support…..good.  And that is before I enter my vehicle.

Earlier this week, I was already impressed with WordPress blogging capability from the iPhone.  Today, I wanted to put the iPhone through a couple of test cases with the multimedia system in my car, particularly the bluetooth phone system and the auxiliary iPod connection.  These are two things I did not think of regarding compatibility before getting the device so I was moderately concerned since my wife is already using my 80Gb iPod Classic.  Anyway, I digress.

First test:  Bluetooth pairing to be able to use the iPhone with the internal Bose system in the car.  Worked flawlessly.  In fact, better than the Blackberry Curve.  With the Curve, only entries us to the letter ‘N’ would sync with the car’s directory service (was never able to fix this).  With the iPhone, full directoy capability.

Second test:  iPod auxiliary connection.  Upon connecting, I was met with a message on the iPhone that said “This device is not compatible with this system.”  uh oh Houston.  Then a nice friendly message popped up and said “Would you like to switch to airplane mode?”.  Why yes I would and then instant music and full access to playlists, etc.  And it charges as well!  So, the iPod works with the only downside being I have to choose between phone service or playing the iPod.  Perhaps Apple will be able to lick this with a later version.

To close, one more point I would like to make since I’m on the topic of driving.  You can type on the iPhone with one hand.  I’ve heard many reports that compared to the Blackberry you can’t do it.  With this, I disagree.  In fact, I typed this entire blog post while driving!  (just kidding)  But I did type a quick Twitter message just to see if I could do it.  And no, I won’t do it again because it is not safe, I know this.  It’s okay though if you are at a traffic light (a long traffic light).

Take care…

Testing the new iPhone app

Many of you may know that WordPress just released their iPhone application. Since this is the first post I’ve tried, we’ll see how it goes. I did notice one issue as it mistakenly fired a Twitter update when I installed the application. If that is the only problem, then this tool will be an A plus effort. I look forward to testing it out.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The Five Dysfunctions of a TeamI just completed reading this book by Patrick Lencioni.  In the world of business books, I rarely say this but this book is “absolutely phenomenal.”

Lencioni uses a very engaging story-telling method to convey the real problems any business team and particularly executive leadership teams face.  It is an incredibly fast read, I read it in two sittings.  I cannot imagine a business team (even the most high performing) that could not take some morsel from this book and focus their team towards organizational improvement.  It should be required reading for any management team out there.

This book would also be very valuable reading for students at MBA or executive management programs.  It provides solid context for the five critical areas where team dysfunction can occur.  And the book outlines it better than any organizational behavior course I’ve taken and is a case-study within itself.

Check out other readers’ reviews of the book over at Shelfari.  And if you want to buy it, you can find it here at Amazon.  BTW, if you want to ‘friend’ me over there, you can find me

Okay, time to shift.  Next up, Inside Steve’s Brain.