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DataPortability – Please Succeed

If there is one effort taking place on the web that I wish much success in achieving it goals and desired results, it is the DataPortability group.  I’m sure there are others but this is one that is top of mind, and absolutely NEEDS to happen. My friend, Daniela Barbosa, is a major proponent of the initiative and leading much of the effort.

Below is a great video about why we have a major data portability problem on our hands and why data portability is needed. I find myself not wanting to investigate or join some of the last new ventures coming out simply because the thought of entering another userid/password, profile and clicking to follow another set of people (who are the same people) makes my blood boil. The latest example is BackType, great concept, aggregating all of your comments everywhere, even aggregating the aggregating blog comments systems out there like Disqus.  So I went halfway, I sign-up and claimed my profile.  But I am not going to go and follow Scoble, Fred Wilson and Brad Feld yet again.  Twitter, Tumblr, Dopplr, Facebook, Disqus or Intense Debate, etc, etc, etc…  No way.

There are ventures trying to clean this up like openID but it is not happening fast enough. Or I should say it isn’t happening anywhere near as fast as new services are hitting the web. I don’t have any doubt that we are collectively going to get there. The question is when. This can not be one of those topics like the FCC opening the wireless spectrum, the promise of mobility or the nirvana of the digital home that will and does go on for years. It has to happen fast. Without it, if I’m getting frustrated with it, then the services we all sing praises about are never going to cross the chasm into the mainstream.

DataPortability – Connect, Control, Share, Remix from Smashcut on Vimeo.

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  • andraz

    Another good wish here. If data portability succeeds so much becomes possible. A new stage in the web development comes to life.

    Andraz Tori, Zemanta

  • kevin8x

    thank for tips

  • seotest

    this is not possible, i believe you can do it