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Boil the Puddle

I am looking at the ocean and reminded of a topic that I’ve been meaning to post on. There’s a saying “Don’t Boil the Ocean”. Too many people try to and it rarely works. Trying to do accomplish a major undertaking all at once makes the task seem daunting and unattainable. You could be launching a product, installing a new process or taking a new offering to market. If it is big, the task often to team members seems insurmountable.

So I am coining a new phrase: Boil the Puddle.

This strikes strong parallels with the Minimum Viable Product concept that in my view is the best way to get something new to market. Attack the effort in bite size easily consumable chunks. Establish iterative milestones so you can figure out what is working is working, what’s not, build on your successes, and get to failure quickly, learn and adapt. Let the team see success and most importantly, progress. Momentum breeds momentum. And your seemingly insurmountable and unsolvable task is suddenly…solvable.

Boil the puddle. Not the ocean.