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About correlate

No this blog is not about coffee and is not pronounced Kora Latte… If you want to pronounce it that way, fine, if it catches, perhaps I will be able to get sponsorship from Starbucks.

Anyway, the blog’s name is Correlate which according to means:

–verb (used with object)
1. to place in or bring into mutual or reciprocal relation; establish in orderly connection: to correlate expenses and income.
–verb (used without object)
2. to have a mutual or reciprocal relation; stand in correlation: The results of the two tests correlate to a high degree.
3. mutually or reciprocally related.
4. either of two related things, esp. when one implies the other.

As such, I hope to express some thoughts (and opinion) on the areas of the web where value is created and derived through the connections, relationships and linkages that only the web can drive.

It will probably cover things such as web-enabled collaboration and connections it drives, the value of web information and its uses, the evolution of the semantic web and the value of derived content. And while these will remain the areas of focus, my goal is to foster a conversation around it and evolve just as the web does.

And who are we kidding…I’m probably going to cover what ever I want to when there is something interesting to say. Anyway, hopefully it will remain interesting and worthwhile.

Legal Disclaimer:  The posts on this blog are provided ‘as is’ with no warranties and confer no rights. The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my past, future or present employer. (Or a more entertaining disclaimer that I am comfortable applying to this blog as well, well at as of January 3, 2008, is Brad Feld’s legal disclaimer.)

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