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Faces in iPhoto ’09

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Messing with Faces in iPhoto ’09 this evening after moving a lot of our photo collection from the laptops to a new iMac. After several cold attempts on moving the photo library over, deleting the database, launching iPhoto and trying again, the ‘Faces’ functionality did not seem to be working properly.  In fact, it seemed to not recognize one face.  This is a far cry from earlier reports I was reading on FriendFeed that the sofware was recognizing the faces of people’s feline companions!

Did a quick Google search regarding iPhoto face problems I was having and there isn’t much out there in the form of help save this one.  (Lots of reviews already)  I was also fortunate enough to find one post regarding the problem and  couple of posters were highly recommending for anyone having issues to watch the video tutorials on any of the new functionality to (and I’ll use their words) “avoid a lot of frustration.”  I wish I read that advice before embarking on my iPhoto journey (my fault).

The key assumption that you should not have is that iPhoto is going to automatically organize people into folders for you to then name.  That was my initial assumption simply because it processed the photos as such when initially launching the application.  It apparently did work like this for some but not for others.  Here’s the iLife video tutorial section over at Apple.  Head on over there for help.  Here is the tutorial specifically for organizing your photos using faces.  After two minutes of the video, I was fully operationally with several people in my photo collection, tagged, recognized and auto-recognizing on the rest of the photos.  So in my case, it didn’t happen magically but overall once I knew what I was doing, it seemed to be working quite well.

Obviously I need to use the software for some time to give a full verdict but overall, I am liking the software so far.

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