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Congrats to WordPress and Raanan!

Already being well covered in both blogs and mainstream media, Automattic completed a $29.5M B round of financing.  That is fantastic news on a number of levels.  First, I personally feel it is the best blogging platform currently out in the space.  Secondly, my friend and colleague, Raanan Bar-Cohen joined WordPress last year so it is great to see the runway they now have as a business and the opportunity Ranaan has to continue to build out their media services arm.  Ranaan posted recently about the financing and also has links to the coverage.Finally what is also encouraging to see that there is still financing to be had if you can build a business around a concept and execute.  Wordpress has done so, fundamentally building a platform with some fundamentally sound development philosophies and being yet another great demonstration on how to leverage the development community to foster an even stronger model.  It is great to see that they have the ammunition to continue the vision and build out their strategic initiatives.   And to see some good finance news which is a nice respite from the last couple of days!